We are Riverside

We are creative, curious, inventive and energetic. We are Riverside.

Riverside is a retail retreat for every shopper. We’ve got the freshest fashion, big-name brands, unforgettable food and drink, all wrapped up in a picturesque riverside setting.

We’re inspired by our values: community, experience and integrity.

  • The Community is everything to us. Riverside is inclusive and accessible; it’s a meeting point for locals and tourists alike.
  • We know that it’s the experience that makes a place. So, everything is designed to make your experience of Riverside, one of a kind.
  • We’re honest and transparent, and we keep our promises. Everything we do is for the benefit and long-term interests of the local community

This story behind the Riverside logo
Riverside Logo

The distinctive three-ringed Stafford Knot has long been a symbol for the county
of Staffordshire. Our interpretation uses the traditional three-part emblem to emphasise Riverside’s place in the local community, Stafford’s unique history and its forward-looking outlook.

What do the colours mean?

  1. Location: A tactile, transparent blue area represents Riverside’s iconic location and the River Sow
  2. Modernity: A contemporary Ink blue segment mirrors the centre’s modern styling
  3. Heritage: An earthy brown/gold segment reflects the area’s centuries-old heritage and provenance

Stafford Riverside Logo